Can Engineers Opt For Finance Specialization in an MBA?

In almost all of the top business schools at present, you will find at least 25 % students are engineers. This is apparently somewhat astonishing. One might naturally question that why does an individual already trained in a particular discipline still want to be trained in something else? However, this trend clearly indicates a basic fact – if so many engineers are aiming for it, even at the cost of a couple of their valuable years, there must be some usefulness. So why are engineers increasingly going for an MBA degree? What specialization should they opt for when they are planning to do an MBA? In this blog we introspect a few such issues…

For the future of engineers in the modern competitive times, getting a post graduation degree is increasingly becoming important. There are certain specified matching sections for engineers in order to attain chartered status in their careers and one of them is management.

In addition, an engineer might start as a technical person at the beginning of his career, but it would be unjust to expect them to stay at the same capacity all through their career. In most cases they would aspire to rise to the top management level. And here lies the catch as to why engineers should also need an MBA degree. To rise above his initial level and become a manager, an engineer will also need to have some proven managerial skills. Getting an MBA degree will do exactly that and help him to progress faster in his career.

Moreover, if an engineer wants to start any entrepreneurial venture on his own, only his engineering training will not be sufficient. An MBA training will not only give him a more practical and analytical outlook towards every aspect of the organizational management, but will also make him street-smart and capable of handling any and every situation.

While doing an MBA and engineer can specialize in any stream be it marketing, finance, organizational behavior, operations, or human resource management. It is quiet understandable that an MBA degree in either organizational behavior, or operations, or human resource management might help him in managing his organization of which he is in charge of. Even if an engineer does MBA in marketing its is justified because when he starts off his own business, he needs to have marketing knowledge to sell his products. A specialization in finance too can be a great option. In fact there is a common misconception that only people with commerce background should go for an MBA in finance. However, contrary to popular perception even those that come with engineering background can also be the best when pursuing the specialization of finance in the tenure of their MBA course. Most financial consultancy companies and banks seems to prefer candidates who are MBA in finance and have an engineering background. This is probably because an MBA in finance makes one proficient in financial areas and the engineering training allows one to do logical and practical analysis of situations. A culmination of these two qualities definitely produces a finance manager with strong domain knowledge in finance and exemplary logical skills.

So if you are an engineer and planning to do an MBA you have made the right choice. Whatever be the specialization you choose, keep in mind that your engineering background coupled with the MBA degree will go a long way to establish yourself in your future career.

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